Navigating the New Normal Using Technology Tools to Effectively Market Your Business

9:00 – 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 19, 2021 RSVP by May 17th for this Zoom webinar. Cost $15.

Ryan Weckerly
Morningstar Media Group

Marketing is more than just surface level, it’s data and creating a strategy that reflects your business in order to reach your intended audience. When done right, marketing can translate to a stronger brand as well as more profit for your business.

Ryan Weckerly will discuss how the right technology tools, combined with human interaction to develop more powerful leads,
profitable sale, and long-term relationships for your brand.

Attendees will learn how these takeaways will help you effectively market your business:
• Dynamic web content
• Strong SEO
• Lead scoring and nurturing
• Lead destination tracking
• A vital SRM
• Behavioral based automated e-mails
• Performance analytics

As president of MorningStar Media Group, he has built an extensive clientele base. Ryan has seen clients through crisis and economic downturns by creating strategic campaigns that stand the test of time. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Media Science and Consumer Behaviors from Southern Illinois University, and he didn’t stop there. Continuing education is an important part of Ryan’s career.

He frequently attends web development and marketing seminars to stay on top of ever-evolving trends, and does continual studies on search engine optimization. While Ryan seeks out any chance to gain the latest knowledge, he also a selected member of the Forbes Agency Council, where he regularly publishes his insights and best practices on marketing strategy and communications. You can also find Ryan on the national speaking circuit covering social media, internet marketing, and website development.

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