June Lunch Meeting

The June 14, 2023, luncheon will be at the Mt. Zion Fletcher Park
Recreation Center at 323 Fletcher Park Boulevard, Mt. Zion, IL 62549.
The cost of our luncheon on June 14th is $15.  The luncheon starts at
12 noon; registration is from 11:30 – 12 noon.

Mrs.Tess Fyalka will be our speaker. She currently serves as Director
of Employee Development for O’Shea Builders and has a private coaching
practice, Angle Coaching & Communications. As both an internal and
external certified professional coach, she specializes in leadership
development coaching as well as team coaching. Tess Fyalka will
present “Brave Leaders Build Trusting Teams.” Trust is fundamentally
what allows leaders to lead. It is the essence of teamwork, the
foundation for relationships, and the cornerstone of competitive
advantage. Yet as critical as trust is to individual and
organizational success, it is not created in sweeping and grand

Rather, trust is built layer upon layer in the smallest and most
seemingly insignificant actions and interactions. We’ll explore the
profound and powerful impact of trust on teams –for better or worse.
We’ll look at what you can do regardless of where you are on your
leadership journey to build a trusting team. At this luncheon, you’ll
explore your own and your organization’s level of trust. You’ll spot
the critical indicators that trust is lacking. And you’ll identify
specific steps that you can take to build trust on your teams.

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