Past & Present Presidents

Since its’ inception the Chamber formed officers to carry out the planning and implementation of many important day-to-day operations, monthly meetings, events and fundraisers. But every organization needs a President that will steer the chamber in the right direction by encouraging growth and opportunities for the members. We thank each and every one of these leaders for their dedication and we look forward to adding more names to this list!

1987-89   Denise Sills

1989-91   Jim Wiley

1991-94   Marcella Stortzum

1994-95   Peggy Haycraft

1995-96   Doug Miller

1996-98   Jim Mandoline

1998-99   Wally Ryan

1999-00   Brad Jackson

2000-02   Joel Yowell

2002-03   Kevin Fritzsche

2003-04   Kevin Buckley

2004-06   Keith McElyea

2006-07   Jon Aschermann

2007-08   Ann Pranschke

2008-11   Larry Hupp

2011-12   Perry Lewin

2012-14   Becky Hamilton

2014-16   Kyle Pflum

2016-18   Karen Jeffers

2018-20   Wendy Kernan

2020-21  Carolyn Ridenour

2021-22  Dan McNeely

2022-23 Jay Woodrum

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