History Of The Chamber

“A Chamber that Grew with its Community.”

In 1986 the Mt. Zion Village Trustees indicated a desire to see the establishment of a Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce to aid local businesses. A Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce Steering Committee met twice and was convinced that a local chamber would be successful with the initial support of the Mt. Zion Village government.

On April 2, 1987, the Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce was off to a good start after electing officers and approval was given for a Charter. Over 40 members and guests attended the first meeting held at Mary Belle’s Restaurant on Debby Drive (now Crawford’s Pizza) in Mt. Zion and was led by founding President Denise Sill. Mayor Jim Price (1987) mad the welcoming remarks and reiterated the Village commitment to be supportive of the Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce. Harry Ashworth, former president of the then inoperative Mt. Zion Businessmen’s Association, encouraged the members to be diligent in efforts to make the chamber succeed. He gave the example of the bumble bee. “It is not supposed to fly…but it does.” The Chamber meetings were, and are still today, on the second Wednesday of each month.

Many community fundraising events were started by the Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce throughout our 32-year history while contributing to the chamber’s mission “to advance the general welfare and the prosperity of the Mt. Zion area so that its citizens and all areas of its business community shall prosper.”  One of the premier community events sponsored by the Mt. Zion Chamber since 1989 is the EXPO held each spring, and since October 2012, the Mt. Zion Chamber has hosted the Annual Community Prayer Breakfast.

Over the past 32 years, the Mt. Zion Chamber has had 20 presidents. They, their board of directors, committees and chamber members have dedicated countless volunteer hours to the Mt. Zion Chamber and our community. The list of past presidents and annual “outstanding Business of the Year’ recipients are truly a “Who’s Who” in the Village of Mt. Zion history today and in the years past. We look forward to the 30+ years of the leadership and business advocacy from the leaders and members of the Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce.

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