Mt Zion Chamber Ambassador Program

Program Mission

It is the mission of the Mt Zion Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program to promote member commitment and retention by:

  • Raising awareness of Chamber activities and benefits
  • Informing and involving new Chamber members to promote strong continued membership
  • Encouraging meaningful and beneficial participation in the Chamber’s programs
  • Serving as a liaison between the Chamber Board and membership

Who are the Chamber Ambassadors?

The Ambassador program consists of volunteers from the Chamber membership who donate their time to assist the Chamber in various activities.  Ambassadors serve a term of 1 year, beginning in June each year.  Ambassadors can continue to serve after the 1-year term if agreed upon by the Ambassador and the Chamber Board.

Requirements for being an Ambassador

  • Good Communication Skills
  • A genuine appreciation and understanding of the Chamber’s mission, vision, and core strategies
  • Ambassador’s company must be in good standing with the Chamber and the Ambassador should maintain professional conduct at all Chamber functions
  • A one-year commitment
  • Expect to spend 2 hours per month fulfilling expectations

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